Letter from School Principal

    Since the establishment of our school in 1981, with the care and love of friends, sponsoring bodies, parents and students, the careful guidance of the school supervisor, and the sincere cooperation of the teaching staff, the school has developed to the upscale kindergarten nowadays. Adhering to the tenet of our Hong Kong Buddhist Association and its founder Madam Tsang Kor Sing‘ s enthusiastic education and cultivating people for a century, this school has advanced with rigorous teaching policies, excellent teachers and a sound system under limited resources and space and through the trust and support by the parents.

Looking back on the past years, which are really full of sweetness, sourness, bitterness and joy. Serving early childhood education for more than 30 years, a “fate” that made me form an inseparable relationship with this kindergarten. Among them, I have experienced many changes in people and educational reforms. From the days of inception to implementation, the educational policies have been reformed, although it gives people a bit of overwhelmingness
and breathlessness, but I can’t overshadow my love for children and the motivation of this job, which makes me stick to the future of early childhood education. It turned out that at first I thought it was just a place to work for me, but as the years passed, it gradually ceased to be a “place of work” and became my second “home”. Working with children every day, no matter what the children do, it will make the colleagues who like this industry sweet. When the school vouchers were first launched, although the teachers’ academic qualifications were improved, the pressure of teachers or the influence of social trends generally had a negative impact on early childhood education. It’s sad that my enthusiasm seems to be waning, but seeing a group of teachers who love teaching in recent years has really given me another new hope.

Even though I have indescribable emotions, I will continue to persevere as always. With the joint efforts of all teachers, students and parents, I am convinced that Buddhist Tsang Kor Sing Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten will reach a new height and serve the parents and students in Sham Shui Po district. Provide quality education. Thirty years of hard work and growth, and thirty years of success. We will continue to innovate the school’s running system, deepen the development of the school’s connotation, pay attention to the guidance of moral education, prepare students to become good citizens in the future, and so let us start the future together.