According to the Guide to the Pre-primary Curriculum 2017 by Education Bureau., “Every child is unique and has different development and learning needs at different stages.”, To adhere the “child-centered principle”, learning goals of each learning area should be clearly set out. Emphasis should be placed on the characteristics of children’s learning at this stage in order to help them build up a moral value and maintain a balanced development. Moreover, we provide a bi-lingual (Chi & Eng) learning environment for the children no matter what the diversity is.

Provide a warm, safe and motivating learning environment for children to find learning more interesting and explore freely through the Project Approach.

Build up a good interactive relationship between teachers and children with a harmonious atmosphere.

Provide a diversified learning curriculum so that children can learn and experience the things from their daily life. Our school encourages children to be motivated to learn and try different things so they can be well-developed in languages, intellects, social, and emotion, learning attitude, arts, healthcare, I.T and green education. On the ethics side, we operate the Buddhist spirituality with the traditional Chinese morals so children can care about others, help each other in a harmonious way. Approach a school program of ‘Learning through Reading’.

Foster children to have a good personality to work with others, respect others and be polite, confident, kind and be self-disciplined citizen in the future.


To enrich children’s horizons and cultivate the curiosity of children, we have fieldtrips learning so that children can acquire the knowledge outside the classroom. Children should not be forced to learn writing at an early age. Instead, we focus on their muscular development, eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.


We adopt the continuous evaluation to assess children’s abilities through observation, theme-learning assessment form and so on. For sure, we will customize the learning for students of different levels. Teachers acknowledge the needs of each child and adopt a caring and accepting attitude to address their individual needs.