Letter from School Supervisor

Buddhism is a religion that aims to purify the world. The main purpose of us to start the career on Buddhist education is to promote the concept of causality and compassion and equality. It is hoped that everyone can live with right minds. We are working hard on this after setting up our school. Under hard work from the principal and teachers, our school is keeping improve. I am glad to see the progress as the school supervisor.

Education should be started with the basics. As a little seedling have to grow under nurturing. Children should learn the concept of “to keep away from all evil, cultivate good”. We would take the responsibility to nurture the new generations in providing the best education opportunities within in our abilities. Pre-school education would affect children development. Therefore the educators and parents have to pay the most efforts to confirm they can grow in a healthy environment.


Best wishes

Cheung Chui Sou-ying

School supervisor