Madam Tsang, converted to Buddhism. Her buddhist name was Kor Sing. She was the citizen of Zhongshan from Guangdong. Madam Tsang Kor Sing naturalize to be a United States citizen after she emigrated to United States in 1972. Madam Tsang Kor Sing was born in a noble family.  She married to Lai, a gentleman who was born in a family of scholarly for generations. Madam Tsang was a devoted Buddhist.

Madam Tsang was a moral lady who would assist her husband and bring up her children. She was selected a good mother by the Federation of Hong Kong residents in 1956. She had three sons and two daughters, all being successful in their careers. Madam Tsang was hardly serve the hometown and the society. She was public-spirited. Since 1953, Madam Tsang participated in the Hong Kong Buddhist Association. She had been the director of the Buddhist Hospital, Executive Director of the Buddhist Cemetery. She was also the director of different associations such as Chungshan Commercial Association, Hong Kong. The Buddhist Association elected her as life-term Honorary Adviser in order to praise her contribution.

Madam Tsang paid extra attention on education. She was the supervisors and managers of five secondary school and primary school which under The Hong Kong Buddhist Association. In 1981 she establish our school, the Buddhist Tsang Kor Sing Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten, which is a Government-subsidized non-profit-making kindergarten. Madam Tsang was the first supervisor of the kindergarten. Madam Tsang paid the full efforts on nurturing talent for the community.