Support Services For NCS Students

In response to the learning needs of Non-Chinese speaking children, our school specially arranges enrichment classes for them to learn Chinese. At the same time, teaching materials and flashcards are also provided so that children can review together with their parents at home, so as to strengthen the diversity of care for children, create a harmonious learning atmosphere, allow children to develop their strengths and potential and make it easy for Non-Chinese speaking children to integrate into the local area of study life.


In addition, the school also has different support measures to assist Non-Chinese speaking parents, (e.g.: all notices and other documents have both Chinese and English versions; parent meetings and Primary 1 briefing sessions are held with English screenings, for the parents to choose accordingly, etc.). At the same time, in addition to actively contacting Non-Chinese speaking parents to maintain good communication, school also has Non-Chinese teachers who understand Urdu as a communication bridge, so that the school can understand the difficulties of Non-Chinese speaking parents and children and provide appropriate assistance as soon as possible. Furthermore, the school also encourages Non-Chinese speaking parents to actively participate in school activities.